Greativity Gym helps both individuals and companies to

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at a center of their personal and business development.

We offer the training programmes to individuals and companies:



Creativity Top-Up

When we are children we are naturally creative. As we grow, we lose our creativity and with it our 'can-do' attitude, awareness of new possibilities and personal effectiveness. We begin to act on past experiences and put ideas into 'boxes'. In the modern work and life environment this strategy leads to failure, stagnation and lost opportunities. To succeed you need to be able to think outside paradigm 'at will' and 'on demand'. How strong is your creativity? Are your ideas vary, inspire and bring change? Do they reinvent or just differentiate? Can you even recognise a good idea?

Our Creativity Top-up workshops will help you to strengthen your creative mind and get the best out of yourself.

The workshops take place in modern art galleries. Learning from the cutting-edge art will increase your understanding of how creative connections are made and work. You will practice techniques and strategies which, integrated with your own thinking style, will improve both, your idea-generation skill and creative confidence.  

Suitable to all.

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    Thanks for the creative gymnastics this week.

    It was a joy and much food for thought. Bravo you.


    We found the training to be an amazing adventure into the world of thoughts and connections. Our idea-generation has been ignited and the imagination sparked.



    Lead Creativity. Manage Innovation. 

    Leveraging creativity and innovation - whether radical or incremental - is what drives companies’ growth, profitability, competitive advantage and resilience. According to the World Economic Forum, around 85% of productivity gains are related to investments in innovation.

    But innovation demands creative leaders who know how to lead creativity and manage the innovation process. Yet, more than half of company CEOs and managers are 'weak at creativity and innovation', according to top business surveys. Their efforts fail disengaging workforce and costing money.

    This tailor-made, structured programme helps leaders and managers to shape their company into dynamic creative organisation that harness a tangible success through innovation. It offers a framework that reconciles innovation with management making the process more timely and dependable and less risky and unpredictable, while meeting the company’s need for high-quality innovative solutions.

    Suitable for members of organisation at all levels.

    Contact to book training or get more information.

    Team Creativity, the Ground Zero for Innovation.


    Though companies are naturally about teams, too often the teams' potential for innovation is overlooked. Innovation is not a 'relay race' in which 'a lone genius' innovator passes a baton to a 'production' team and them to a 'sales' team for the final leg of the race. It is a collective engine for generating new ideas and bringing them into the marketplace.

    This programme helps all teams, from the Board of Directors to Sales, to understand how to form creative teams and produce innovative solutions in a group, and how to motivate team creativity and integrate it into company's culture. 

    Suitable for members of organisation at all levels.

    Ideal for team-building exercise.

    Contact to book training or get more information.

    We found the training uplifting and inspiring and came out brimming with enthusiasm, keen to share the exercises you covered and to apply in our settings.It was a great opportunity.


    Creativity-Gym trainers were quite inspirational,

    confidence, skill building and supportive.



    We proud to support a UK charity MASK dedicated to educating and mobilising

    creativity and innovation of young people.

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