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In the 21st century, leveraging creativity and innovation is at the heart of competitive and resilient companies that enjoy a robust growth. 'Around 85% of productivity gains are related now to investments in innovation, which is now as important as infrastructure, skills and markets' says the World Economic Forum. Yet, according to business surveys, more than half of CEOs do not know how to manage innovation successfully.


Our '5-Step Approach to Managing Innovation from Start to End' is the effective framework of the Innovation Management strategies and tactics. While reconciling innovation with management and meeting organisaions' need for high-quality innovative solutions in all realms of business, it help to make the innovation process more timely and dependable and less risky and unpredictable.

Read Creativity-Gym's article 'Managing innovation for corporate growth', Private Sector Magazine, July/August 2016, page 25


We found the training to be an amazing adventure into the world of thoughts and connections. 

Our idea-generation has been ignited and the imagination sparked.




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