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When we are children we are naturally creative. As we grow, we lose our creativity and with it our 'can-do' attitude, awareness of new possibilities, and personal effectiveness. We begin act on the past experiences and put ideas in 'boxes'. In our rapidly changing work and life environment, this strategy leads to failure, stagnation and lost opportunities.


If you don't feel you get the best of yourself, and long for the vision, direction, success and fulfilment, dont read yet another self-help book or attend yet another course. You may simply need to 'top-up' your creativity.


Take advantages of our unique Creativity Top-Up Workshops. Practicing a range of powerful techniques and strategies and integrating them with your thinking style, your will strengthen your ability to think 'outside the box' and generate originate ideas and opportunities.




We found the training to be an amazing adventure into the world of thoughts and connections. 

Our idea-generation has been ignited and the imagination sparked.



Creativity Top-Up workshops at the Saatchi Gallery in London,


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